The PolyGeyser® filter combines the unit operations of biofiltration the biological removal of dissolved constituents that can harm your fish, and clarification the physical removal of particulate matter within the water column, into a single unit. The pneumatic backwash process is fully automated with a built-in sludge storage chamber that allows filter maintenance to be performed in only minutes per week.  PolyGeyser® is committed to ongoing research and development to continually improve filter performance in both the biofiltration and clarification areas without compromising the ease of its use
Aquaculture Systems Technologies
Aquaneering Incorporated
Water from the tank enters through (A). Biofiltration occurs within Bead Bed (C) Clean water exits filter through (B) Concurrently, air enters charge chamber (D) through air inlet (E).
When the air volume in the charge chamber (D) reaches a critical value, the trigger (F) fires releasing air through the bed. The water then rushes to fill the empty space left by the escaping air. This has the effect of expanding the bead bed and releasing the solids. The dirty water is stored in charge chamber (D).
After a backwash, the solids that were trapped in the bead bed have moved to charge chamber (D). The water entering the filter through inlet pipe (A) fills the filter and the filter operates in its normal mode while the solids in charge chamber (D) settle into the sludge storage chamber (H).